Herbal Blends

Please choose two herbal blends:


This blend is used for toning and tightening. It will also help restore healthy pH levels and restoring your lady parts to its youthful years.


This blend is used to help ease symptoms of PMS. Suffering from cramps, bloating, clots, heavy flow, acne, breast soreness, irregular cycle, cyst, fibroids, or brownish discharge?


This blend is used for cleansing and detoxification. It helps burn body fat, maintain healthy digestion, and elimination to assist with weight loss and various digestive disorders.


This blend has been found to reduce postpartum depression, increase circulations, and eases the after pains of childbirth, such as vaginal atrophy and infections.


This blend is used to enhance the health of the reproductive system. It will invigorate the womb and enhance circulation of the uterus and clearing any dampness.