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At V Spa, we are here to pursue health and beauty through a wide variety of services that include anything from permanent makeup to vaginal steaming. We offer the traditional vaginal steam used with natural herbs to strengthen, tone, tighten, and restore good circulation to the reproductive areas.

Our V steam method is an ancient ritual dated back many centuries. King and Queens would steam on a regular to prevent or aid in certain ailments. Many countries practice the use of V-steams also known as Yoni Steam, Ratus, Ganging, Bajos, Song, Venue Smoke, and Chai-Yok. You're getting a dose of herbal remedy while tightening and toning your lady parts naturally.

In addition to detoxification and improvement of blood circulation, we provide cosmetic treatments such as eyelash extensions. You should pay us a visit and see how we can accentuate your eyes with our excellent eyelash lift. Make an appointment at our day spa in Chicago, IL today!

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